The Reasons Of Choosing Door People Counter

September 29 18:42 2021

With the rapid development of science and technology, nowadays, physical stores in all walks of life no longer use the traditional manual passenger flow statistics method to calculate the passenger flow, and the Door People counter is gradually being widely used. Merchants can obtain the customer flow data of their own stores by relying on the Door People counter, and then analyze the customer flow of the store and take corresponding measures to increase turnover.

Door People counter generally uses infrared beam technology. The machine is divided into transmitter and receiver. They are installed on both sides of the door. When someone enters and exits, the infrared will be blocked. At this time, one person comes in or out, and so on. Count how many people pass by each day, so as to achieve the purpose of counting people.

There are several advantages to using Door People counter:

1. Install Door People counters in public places to prevent accidental trampling and other incidents caused by excessive traffic.

2. Collect passenger flow information of various places to provide digital basis for management.

3. Count the passenger flow of each entrance and exit and the direction of the passenger flow to determine whether the outlet setting of the store is reasonable.

4. Count the number of people in each main area to provide a basis for the layout of the entire area.

5. According to changes in passenger flow, special time periods and special areas can be accurately judged, and personnel settings and working hours settings can be changed based on this.

6. According to the passenger flow at different times in the calculation area, reasonably arrange electricity and manpower to achieve the purpose of saving expenses.

7. Through statistics and comparison of the passenger flow of different activities, we can analyze which marketing is more effective and make reference for future marketing activities.

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