Neabot Launches Next Generation NoMo N2 Robot Vacuum and Mop

September 29 11:00 2021
Neabot Launches Next Generation NoMo N2 Robot Vacuum and Mop
Self-emptying 3-in-1 robot vacuum with the most advanced LDS8.0 LiDAR

Neabot, a global leader in smart home cleaning appliances recently launched the Neabot NoMo N2, a self-emptying 3-in-1 robot vacuum that can be programmed to mop, sweep and vacuum an entire house straight from a smartphone or smart device. Equipped with powerful 2700Pa suction capabilities, 3D scanning and mapping, and AI intelligent obstacle avoidance technology powered by the most advanced LDS8.0 LiDAR on the market, Neabot N2 provides the highest industry cleaning efficiency rate of 89% unlike most of its competitors currently in the market. In addition, Neabot N2 is smart home ready so it features Wi-Fi capabilities, Bluetooth, and Alexa controls so you can use your voice to schedule cleaning days. Neabot N2 is ideal for any smart home full of messy pets or children. The system is currently available to all U.S. customers at the retail price of $599 USD on Amazon.

Neabot N2 features a 250ml electric water tank with multi-level precision water control to help remove stubborn stains or footprints off the floor. Its built-in electric mopping system monitors and controls water levels according to the dryness or wetness of the floor. Furthermore, users are able to control the mop’s moisture levels with the branded Neabot interactive app available to IOS or Android users.

The app controls and monitors the robot’s routes, schedules cleanings, and users are able to set up multiple cleaning map routes as well as virtual no-go zones even when away from home, saving them the trouble of placing physical obstacles to stop the robot from entering certain parts of the house. The app features over 20 languages and voices so anyone can use it.

The Neabot N2’s compact body easily gets under beds and sofas to clean every hard-to-reach nook and cranny. Its powerful suction power of 2700Pa is one of the strongest in the market that can handle the daily cleaning of carpet and/or hard floors. In fact, N2 features several suction power modes including Silent Mode (700Pa), Regular Mode (1200Pa), and Crazy Mode (2700Pa). Once it detects carpet, it automatically boosts its suction power to clean carpeted areas thoroughly without disturbing users with excessive noise.

Neabot N2 features a 2.8L supersized self-emptying dustbin so when the robot finishes a task, it goes back to its charging station to empty trash in it so you don’t ever have to empty the dust box manually. The collector is big enough to hold trash for approximately 30 days in an oversized built-in disposable bag. When the bag is full, all you need to do is take out the bag and throw it in the trash. N2’s self-cleaning station features an LED display screen that lights up when the dust bag needs changing, the robot is being charged, or when it’s emptying its contents into the dustbin in a clear and simple way so you never have to touch dirt again. Together with the most advanced route planning algorithm, Neabot N2 plans better cleaning routes than any other robot vacuum and achieves an industry-high cleaning rate of 89%. Its anti-drop cliff sensors prevent it from dropping off stairs, and built-in wall sensors allow it to get closer to the wall while operating for best cleaning efficacy.

Neabot N2 is currently available for purchase at starting at $599.

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