The MoneyDrs Helps Families and Businesses Take Control of Their Financial Health and Pursue Their Ultimate Goals

September 29 08:39 2021
The company educates families and business owners on the basic concepts of money and provides them with comprehensive customized strategies that help them achieve their financial goals.

The MoneyDrs and its affiliates have the expertise and the credentials to advise families and businesses regarding their financial concerns and goals. It holds years of experience and limitless support from many of the large financial institutions globally.

Their team is committed to doing what is best for the client. They understand individuals work hard for their money. And with the continuously rising healthcare costs, changing tax laws and everyday life’s uncertainties, earning money is not enough; investing and financial planning for the future becomes crucial. Since The MoneyDrs understands that planning one’s financial future can be very complex, it offers services that educate families and businesses, treat current problems and mitigate financial crises.

With Asset & Income Protection service, the team presents clients with a protection plan through the insurance companies they represent. A protection plan may include a life insurance plan, long term care insurance plan and disability insurance plan which are tailored to the client’s budget and insurable needs.

Their Retirement Planning service has MoneyDrs who assess the client’s financial standing and desired retirement goals. They review any current retirement products (if any), build a customized retirement roadmap and fill in any existing income gaps.

For young parents, their children are the beating heart that fuels their savings and work. They can rely on The MoneyDrs’ Young Parents’ Goal Achiever service for advice regarding their children’s future education expenses.

The company’s Business Owner Services deploys a team of carefully selected professionals, both in-house and outsourced, to service executives and business owners.

The MoneyDrs’ Advisory Services are offered through Foundations Investment Advisors, an SEC Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) and one of the fastest-growing RIA firms in the United States. They provide professional planning services with an actively managed risk-based focus.

The MoneyDrs’ founder, John Solyman, CRPC®, was a medical professional. When he entered the profession, he committed to serve humanity. He listened to his patients and helped identify the root cause of their illnesses. Afterward, he worked on a holistic plan to put them on the path to better health.

As a physician, Solyman experienced firsthand the impact financial challenges had on his patients’ health. There was a direct correlation between the patient’s ill health and financial stress. He shares that while he was able to help ease many of his patients’ symptoms, it is now that he can address the root of the problem.

“I don’t want to just talk about your financial situation. I want to talk about your hopes and your dreams. I want to understand where you’ve come from, what your values are, where you are headed and how I can help you get there,” said Solyman.

The MoneyDrs understands that stress can impact people’s lives and that money can be a stressful subject to many. The team is equipped to listen to the clients, check their financial health and prescribe the financial remedies they need to live a stress-free life.

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About The MoneyDrs

The MoneyDrs, LLC and its subsidiaries — MoneyDrs Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc & MoneyDrs Wealth Management, LLC — are committed to assist clients manage their finances so that they can pursue their ultimate goals. The MoneyDrs, LLC and its subsidiaries — MoneyDrs Financial & Insurance Solutions, Inc & MoneyDrs Wealth Management, LLC, are not affiliated with Foundations Investment Advisors, LLC.

Disclosure: The MoneyDrs and their affiliates may only conduct business in the state and the industry in which they are properly licensed. They encourage clients to check out the availability of The MoneyDrs services at their state.

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