Xibuzz – The Home of Original, Affordable Computer and Phone Accessories

September 29 04:36 2021

Xibuzz is an online store that offers their customers the best computer and phone accessories!

At Xibuzz, one can find the best deals for Computer and Phone Accessories, aswell as LED Lights.

For those looking for phone accessories, their catalog includes all types of phone to computer cables and adapters, USB Type hubs and extenders, USB type chargers and data transfer cables.

These accessories are not only the best in quality, but they also come in stylish colors and designs, making them style pieces that complement every workspace they’re in!

And for anyone who’s looking to spruce up their workstation or house with LED Lights, Xibuzz have the best LED strip lights out there, with their LED strip lights having remote, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi control functionality.

These LED lights are Google, Alexa and Siri compatible smart LED lights that bring a new meaning to home light decoration.

They also have the amazing Halloween LED lights, allowing for exciting Halloween decorations.

For the gaming lovers, they have the best of game accessories like game pads, gaming keyboards, computer adapters for games as well as device parts.

These gaming accessories come in a wide range of colours and shapes, so there’s always something for every gamer’s taste.

Their wide range of computer accessories include regulars like 4K HDMI cables, down to the hardest to find adapters and plugs.

Their flagship product is their amazing 50 feet 4K HDMI cable.

This is a 50 ft High-Speed Ethernet 4K HDMI cable that comes with gold-plated, corrosion-resistant, oxygen-free connectors and double shielding for maximum connectivity and stable connections over a long period of time.

This long cable provides transfer rates up to 10 Gbps. Compared to other 4kdmi cables of 50ft, this HDMI cable supports 4K, Ultra HD, 1080p Full HD, 3D, ARC, Ethernet & all other available HDMI functions.

This 4K HDMI cable has full metal shielding inside the connectors and provides unmatched signal quality. Experience the device’s full potential with no signal loss.

The 4K HDMI cable is compatible with all HDMI, HDMI 2.0 devices, and backward compatible with all previous HDMI standards. The cable is perfect for one’s PS4, PS3, Xbox One, PC, AV Receiver, HDTV, beamers, projector, and more.

Plus it comes with a 36 months manufacturer warranty!

That’s a 3 year guarantee that if the cable stops working at any point within the first 3 years after purchase, they’ll replace it with a new one! No questions asked!

This speaks to Xibuzz’s commitment to offer their customers the best product and the best customer service, if anything goes wrong.

Xibuzz’s catalog of computer accessories, phone accessories, gaming accessories and amazing LED lights are the best digital accessories that can be found on the internet.

Plus, they come at the best prices available anywhere on the internet!

So a purchase from Xibuzz is not only good for now, but it is an investment into the best of quality!

Check out Xibuzz’s amazing catalog of digital accessories at their website: www.xibuzz.com, and get FREE shipping this week on all orders above $75!

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