BioYouth is redefining its Customers’ Journey, Sets a New ‘Holistic’ Approach to Provide Quality Health Supplements for Baby Boomers

September 28 15:32 2021
BioYouth helps people to enjoy a comfortable, healthy lifestyle, providing tools to support them to take an active role in their health. This supplement company is empowering baby boomers to look and feel younger with the nutrient-rich supplements they offer

More and more baby boomers want to stay healthy as they age, but don’t have enough knowledge about their nutritional needs. It’s no surprise since the average person is unaware of what they’ve been putting into their body over a lifetime.

The market has been flooded by a large selection of ‘supplements’ claiming countless benefits to baby boomers to add to existing woes. With so many brands competing in the same pool, it becomes even more challenging to know which supplements are right, especially for seniors trying to stay healthy and fit. 

On this note, BioYouth was created with the sole purpose of improving the supplement industry, especially for baby boomers. The company’s primary goal is to provide effective supplements with science-backed ingredients and nutritional and lifestyle education to its customers to support a holistic approach to overall health and wellness. 

“BioYouth is more than a supplement company,” said Mor Halali, CEO of BioYouth LLC. “We see the customer from a holistic approach, which means that in addition to delivering supplements, we also bring nutrition and lifestyle education to our customers. This vital addition can help our customers balance the different areas in their lives that directly affect their health concerns and give them the support to address it.”

The company is committed to redefining the role each person can play  when it comes to approaching their health goals with a holistic approach. Customers who purchase a supplement from BioYouth will receive educational and instructional videos from Mary Sheila, an expert board-certified holistic nutritionist. In these videos, Mary Sheila talks about the natural ways to deal with health issues. In addition, the company follows up with its customers to make sure they are on the right path while dealing with their health issues. 

“Other supplement companies just sell supplements,” stated Mary Sheila, one of the BioYouth’s Co-founders and a Board-certified holistic nutritionist. “We share a holistic approach to support people in making dietary and lifestyle changes, which can lead to lasting results. Real change doesn’t come from a ‘magic’ pill, it’s about how we live our lives,” she added. 

Mor Halali and Mary Sheila Gonnella created BioYouth Labs after identifying a need for a holistic approach. They sought to bring knowledge and effective supplements with research-backed ingredients formulated by Dr. Matitiao Moreno, MD.

All food supplements sold at BioYouth Labs are vegan and cruelty-free and made in a USA FDA registered facility GMP certified with no GMO ingredients. 

About BioYouth Lab LLC

BioYouth LLC was created in 2020 out of the need to change the supplements world, bring proper knowledge to the people, with not just great supplements, but to support the long-lasting changes that can be made to support whole body health. 

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