The Book That Guarantees New Lawyers Get Hired Or They Get Their Money Back: Brian H. Potts, a partner at an AmLaw 50 law firm, is set to publish The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook this Fall.

September 28 11:09 2021

Brian H. Potts, business attorney and litigator at Perkins Coie LLP, an AmLaw 50 law firm, has recently undertaken two initiatives to help law students and lawyers get hired as lawyers: he founded the nationwide LinkedIn Legal Mentor Network and now he’s set to publish a new book, The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook. 

Confident in his strategy, Brian guarantees you will get hired as a lawyer if you read his book – and if you don’t, he will give you a full refund. 

Brian’s book and mentor network were founded based on his understanding that law jobs are not like regular jobs. The modern legal education system fails to teach law students what they really need to know to get hired as a lawyer. Law schools teach you how to be a lawyer, not how to get a job as one. 

Brian’s handbook fills in the gaps and provides a complete roadmap on how to get a law job.

Brian’s initiatives combine his legal experience with his entrepreneurial and writing enterprises.  Brian invented the first and only computer keyboard designed by lawyers for lawyers (called the LegalBoard®) in 2016. And in 2017, Brian helped found his second startup, Goods Unite Us®, a nonpartisan, for-profit app and website focused on helping consumers align their purchases and investments with their political beliefs. 

As a writer, Brian has written over 100 articles, including for Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, Politico, Bloomberg, the Wisconsin State Journal, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Weekly Standard, and various other publications. 

Brian is now taking on the task of educating lawyers on how to get hired as a lawyer. 

The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook: How to Get Hired as a Lawyer

Law jobs are not like regular jobs. You can’t just drive around looking for “help wanted” signs. About 35,000 law students graduate and enter the job market every year, but only about 75% of them actually land a legal job within ten months. 

Just graduating from law school isn’t enough to land you in your dream job. Many law students don’t know this, but with Brian’s handbook, they will. And they will learn the steps necessary to get hired as a lawyer in one of the most competitive professional fields out there. 

Brian wrote this book based on his own experiences trying to get hired as a lawyer. Rejected from every AmLaw 100 law firm he applied to during law school, Brian was forced to scrap his way to the top. In doing so, he became one of the youngest partners in his class at an AmLaw 50 law firm. 

The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook is the detailed roadmap he has constructed based on his own experiences and the experiences of the hundreds of law students and young lawyers he has mentored. 

Written by a lawyer for lawyers, The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook is the essential guide for law students, lawyers between jobs, and lawyers looking to land their dream job in law. 

“What They Don’t Tell You In Law School,” “How To Figure Out Where You Stand In The Law Market,” “Your Writing Sample And Cover Letter Aren’t That Good,” and “How To Succeed As A Lawyer” are only a few of the chapters Brian includes in his book to help lawyers get hired. 

Law school will teach you how to be a lawyer, but The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook will teach you how to get hired as one. 

The LinkedIn Legal Mentor Network

Brian founded the LinkedIn Legal Mentor Network during COVID as a way to help law students and young lawyers get hired. The network consists of over 250 lawyer mentors who have already provided mentorship to over 1,000 young lawyers and law students from around the country.

Available for free to any lawyer who needs guidance, the LinkedIn Legal Mentor Network is where lawyers can find the advice they need. Brian is in the process of formalizing the network by creating a nationwide 501(c)(3) non-profit that will be dedicated to providing mentorship to law students and young lawyers in need for many years to come. 

Brian believes in actively helping law students and post-grads develop the know-how to find success in the world of law. Over the last year, Brian has personally mentored over 300 law grads and law students on the job hunt. 

You can contact Brian through his website to discuss the LinkedIn Legal Mentor Network, The Jobless Lawyer’s Handbook, or start getting the mentorship you need.

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