Australia’s Popular Posture Upright Acupressure Mat is Bringing Pain Relief to Thousands of Users

September 28 04:52 2021
Australia’s Popular Posture Upright Acupressure Mat is Bringing Pain Relief to Thousands of Users

Those afflicted with neck and posture related discomfort have a new friend in the form of the newly launched Posture Upright Acupressure mat. Made ethically in Australia with clinically proven results, this acupressure mat is the answer to discomforts induced by bad posture, such as headaches, muscle fatigue or back pain. No wonder the mat has earned popularity in Australia. 

A good posture is well known to aid movement and keep the body functioning at optimal levels. The outcomes of bad posture are many, and include long term pain and discomfort. The Posture Upright Acupressure mat utilizes the principles of the ancient practice of acupressure, putting them into the design of the mat by skilled craftspeople. The results have been amazing.

“We have helped thousands of people around the world to relieve pain, stress… in the most natural and cheapest way,” says a spokesperson.

Other than being the only acupressure mat that has been handcrafted in Australia, the mat has also come out with flying colors in clinical tests. A randomized and controlled pilot study reported reduced pain, increased energy and improved sleep among the benefits. Another pilot study had 98% participants report pain relief, improved sleep (94%) and improved energy (81%).

“Voted, best purchase of this decade so far. Still recommending to all my friends and family!” says a recent client.

The Posture Upright Mat can be used as a pillow, and also on the back, feet, neck and shoulders. The user needs to only apply the weight from these areas over the mat to feel the effects of relaxation and warmth.

The mat is the result of wide research conducted by its founder who was experiencing neck pain. After trying multiple treatments, acupressure proved to be most effective. The same technique is part of the mat, which now brings comfort to users without the costs and expenses of going to therapy or medical centers. 

The Posture Upright Acupressure Mat comes with a 1-year warranty and a 60-day trial period.

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