Astara Turns 70 Years Old

September 28 01:21 2021
Astara Turns 70 Years Old
ASTARA spiritual foundation enters its 70th year on October 17. Founded by Earlyne & Robert Chaney in 1951, Astara is an American organization credited with founding the New Age Movement in California. Their writings have taught and inspired people around the world for decades. The Astara Book of Life Degree Lessons is touted as one of this century’s outstanding achievements in spiritual instruction.

Astara spritiual foundation is prepping for its 70th anniversary celebration at their Rancho Cucamonga location on October 17.  The original founders Earlyne and Robert Chaney have taught spiritual mysticism and inspired people around the world for decades with their teachings.  Earlyne Chaney is internationally known for her enormous volumes of esoteric wisdom teaching (The Book of Life Degree Lessons) derived from the ancient Mystery schools.  Their legacy continues as Astara moves into their 70th birthday with increased global awareness, publications and digital classes to thousands of members in over 80 countries. 

Astara has been dedicated to elevating the consciousness and health of humanity since it was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 1951. Astara’s Book of Life Degree Lessons have helped enlighten hundreds-of-thousand of seekers worldwide:

The Anniverary celebration Is themed. “Light on the Path Ahead” and President Greg Toews explains, “The teachings and legacy of Astara are as relevant now as they were in the dawn of the New Age Movement, people need a place to be inspired spiritually but also practically.  As a cutting edge spiritual center, Astara continues to lead people through their own personal soul journey without the dogma of religion and Astara is seeing a huge revival due to the current unstable times.”

Part of the celebration will include a never before published release of newly found writings from Robert Chaney.  The Book of Life Ninth Degree Lesson will be release for the first time and is a continuation of the Volumes 1-8 for Book of Life readers and can be considered a gateway publication for readers never exposed to Astara.  “Serving both our legacy members and the new, younger and evolved generation of members is critical to Astara’s longevity,” explains Publications Director, Valarie Anderson.

A complimentary meditation taken from the new book with music provided by the father of the New Age Music movement, Steven Halpern, will launch with the Ninth Degree Lesson and be available on Astara’s YouTube channel for free:

Astara plans an open house on Sunday October 17 on-site at its corporate headquarters in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Attendees can participate with special presentations, classes and meditations which will also be available via zoom from 10am-5pm  pst, to honor the legacy of continuing to spread the Light to all humanity’s spiritual evolution.  

All are welcome to RSVP. 


Astara is a worldwide, non-profit, spiritual organization dedicated to elevating the consciousness and health of humanity since 1951. Its primary purpose is advancing its principals and teachings to all who seek spiritual self-unfoldment.  The cornerstone of Astara is its written volumes of channeled esoteric wisdom derived from the ancient Mystery schools, The Book of Life Degree Lessons.  With a library of over 40 published books, Astara has always been on the cutting edge of the New Age movement with their publishing and teachings.  Internationally acclaimed as the mystical wisdom of the ages, the books are available in print and digital editions.  Astara publishes its own quarterly magazine called The Voice of Astara, which has been in circulation for over 65 years.  Complete courses, meditations, classes and presentations are conducted weekly and are available to all who seek the Light of spiritual evolution.

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