Massive General Twin Seal Valve Parts Inventory Is World’s Largest

September 27 14:54 2021
Since 1973, Energy Products has been supplying the most up-to-date information about General Valve Twin Seal Plug Valves. The company was a leader in the development of the double block-and-bleed service requirements.

Energy Products Company is pleased to announce that the company has expanded its inventory since its launch in 1973. It now boasts the world’s largest inventory of General Twin Seal Valve parts. The company’s rigid quality meets the strict standards of double-block-and-bleed service. For customers, the massive inventory is available for overnight delivery. The special features include extensions, electric actuation, and custom coatings. Since the launch of the initial products, there have been several design refinements to further improve the performance of the valve.

Energy Products Company has incorporated pride in its manufacturing workmanship, superior design innovations, and selection of the highest quality materials to support its commitment to customer satisfaction and product excellence. The twin seal valves served as alternatives to the early bi-valve system. The new design has just a single bubble-tight, double-seated formation. The downstream and upstream seals accomplish the identical purpose as the earlier pair of block valves. The body acts as a spool piece, and the body bleed affirms the integrity of the seal.

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Most ball-and-gate valves have the characteristic of seal abrasion. Each time the valve cycles, the seats are wedged or ground against metal. Any foreign materials that become lodged between the ball or gate and the seats cause scoring of the seating surfaces. Once this scoring occurs, there is loss and product contamination. The design of the General Twin Seal Valve avoids abrasion by completely retracting the slips from the body bore during cycling. These characteristics minimize the risk of leakage, reduces wear and maintenance, and saves money.

The General Twin Seal Valve is appropriate for avoiding contamination in multi-product manifolds, tank storage isolation, meter stations flow meters calibration, and zero-leakage shut off at the truck, rail, and shipload manifolds. The General product line is the industry-recognized hydrant valve because of its ability to close easily and quickly. There is little need for maintenance and zero leakage.

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Energy Products Company, established in 1973, is one of the largest distributors of different types of valves that find use across industries in diverse conditions. It specializes in liquid pipeline operations and natural gas pipeline operations.

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