Jain University Online Distance Education Announced Does Not Offer Franchise Or Any Study Center, University Admissions And Exams Within Karnataka

September 27 13:48 2021
Jain University Online Distance Education Announced Does Not Offer Franchise Or Any Study Center, University Admissions And Exams Within Karnataka

Jain University Distance Education ODL
Jain University Online Distance Education Announced Does Not Offer Franchise Or Any Study Center, University Admissions And Exams Within Karnataka: Beware Of Non-Verified Website And Institute, To Avoid Non Official Institute Or Website Admission, Students Must Make Due Diligence To Verify Any Information About The Distance Learning And Online Courses From The Official Websites Of Jain University Online.

Jain University Online Distance education 9 Different Courses Approved By UGC For Its Distance Learning Education ODL  Programme, Jain University ODL announces that nine different courses of its distance learning education program have been approved. This announcement is made to intimate the students, parents, Indians, and prospective candidates who may want to study at Jain University about the new development and encourage them to take up a study course at Jain University.

Jain University Online Distance education ODL Admission Allow Taken By Karnataka center only

Therefore, students are advised to be wary of these educational marauders who are only going to rip them of their money and waste their time. Hence, students must go to the official website of Jain University to register for their distance learning education. Students can also seek more information on the website as the website is open and accessible to everyone.

Jain Online Distance Education Examination Will Always Be Conducted In Karnataka

Jain University Online Students should be aware that after their online courses, examinations will take place at Karnataka State. However, the exam will take online format, and students must attend classes as this is necessary for students’ progress. Furthermore, attendance depends on students; choice but examination will be done based on UGC guidelines.

Jain University Online Distance Education Does Not Offer Franchise Education 

Jain University Online is happy to bring to the notice of all admission seekers and students that the school is not in agreement with any institution or university to offer franchise education to students anywhere. However, students should understand that they can get admission for Open Distance Learning at Jain University. These distance open education courses are offered by the Jain University and are duly approved by University Grant Commission.   

9 Course are Approved by UGC for [ODL] Online Distance Leaning

To keep and observe the educational rules set by University Grant Commission, Jain University Online  currently offers online courses in the nine online and distance learning education. These are the courses duly approved and stamped by the commission. Online learning and distance learning are approved for

List of Course Jain University Online Distance Learning Mode

  1. Bachelor of Commerce
  2. Bachelor of Business Administration
  3. Master of Arts (Economics)
  4. Master of Commerce
  5. Master of Arts (English)
  6. Master of Arts (Public Policy)
  7. Master of Arts (Journalism & Mass Communication)
  8. Master of Computer Applications
  9. Master of Business Administration

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No Other course offer by University only these course are approved by DEB or UGC – https://cde.jainuniversity.ac.in/

Jain Students Are Warned Not To Take Admission From The Third Parties Institute or any Website

Jain University Online ODL, along with University Grant Commission, advises students and interested candidates not to take any admission from third-party websites. This is because so many third-party websites parade themselves as middlemen and are currently giving empty promises to unsuspecting admission seekers and naive students.

Jain University Online Students Should Ensure They Verify Their Admission Before Starting Their Courses

To avoid fake admission and cheating from fake admission websites, students must make due diligence to verify any information about the distance learning and online courses from the official websites of Jain University Online. If prospective students are still in doubt, they should therefore check the veracity of the information they received on the University Grant Commission website. With that, they will see the official list of courses approved. This is important, and students should do it before they take admission in Jain University Online Distance Learning.

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