Embracing Modern DownTempo Groove Imbued within Rhythmic Instrumentals: Dynamic Artist Glock-9ne Unveils New Single

September 25 13:18 2021
Embracing Modern DownTempo Groove Imbued within Rhythmic Instrumentals: Dynamic Artist Glock-9ne Unveils New Single
Immersing listeners in a groovy and rhythmic mix of instrumental genius, Glock-9ne hopes to ignite a wave of emotions, with new release, “Calm Down In Trouble”.

With a driving aim to grow and expand his fan base of loyal fans, by simply crafting unique and dynamic musical compositions, Glock-9ne is changing the rules of the game.

With his stunning new release,” Calm Down In Trouble” released worldwide on all major streaming services on September 18th, 2021, Glock-9ne promised a vibrant and all-encompassing mix of beats and rhythms.

“Calm Down In Trouble” offers listeners a dynamic, cinematic instrumental, crafted consciously with mixing a sophisticated arrangement with a modern downtempo groove. Using the rhythmic prowess of Horns, synths and strings, Glock-9ne paints a vibrant, broad horizon, inviting listeners to lose themselves fully in the musical mix. Through mellow and funky bass guitar, the seasoned artist showcases a cool Trip-Hop breakbeat rhythm.

Confident that fans of his multi-genre music will fall in love with the newest track, Glock-9ne hopes to make a mark with his stirring new release. Working with music supervisors, artists, and engineers on post-production, the talented powerhouse is set to send ripples in the musical world with his immersive new track.

For Glock-9ne, it is the satisfaction of the people around him, both collaborators and fans which precedes any monetary gains, and his mission remains to continue making quality music.

“The level of creativity and skill combined with technique and emotions make each of my projects unique with impactful compositions for the ear,” says the dynamic artist regarding his musical style.

With each new release, the artist hopes to stay true to his promise of creating music for authentic music lovers around the world, try to achieve sync positioning in film and television and collaborate with contemporary famous artists.

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A rising force in the world of music, Glock-9ne is an independent Italian multi-genre producer, composer and sound designer. Also known as Mirko, the dynamic artist was born and raised in Verona, and is also the founder of the music production company ‘GLK Music.’ Debuting with his stirring release “Charlem,” in 2019, the prolific producer has continued to charm, releasing over a dozen singles and touching the hearts, minds, and souls of hundreds of fans around the world.

Apart from pursuing a unique musical trajectory, Glock-9ne also offers extra services to help up-and-coming singers, songwriters, rappers, and producers, in the production of custom instrumentals for various genres. He also assists budding artists in designing cover art for singles and albums and creating unique professional logos to help small and large companies.


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