New eco-friendly online marketplace BuildToBlossom founded by popular influencer Jules Rodriguez grows into a multi-million dollar company despite pandemic

September 25 03:03 2021
BuildToBlossom is a fast rising online eco-friendly marketplace that aims to create a greener tomorrow with sustainable and environmentally-friendly everyday products.

New York City, New York – September 24, 2021 – Top influencer/creator Jules Rodriguez is once again making waves all across the internet and this time for her new eco-friendly online marketplace. BuildToBlossom, as the latest marketplace is called, has dramatically proliferated into a multi-million dollar enterprise from just a startup in less than a year, despite the pandemic times. Jules launched the new eco-friendly marketplace during the wake of the current COVID-19 pandemic with her fiancé Samantha Raymer.

BuildToBlossom is driven by the ethos to support consumers with eco-friendly products so that they can proactively scale up to lead a sustainable lifestyle.  

“It feels amazing to witness the way our new online eco-friendly marketplace has flourished into a large enterprise today and that too in just a few months of the launch. What’s more interesting is that we have found success in these dire pandemic times when most of the businesses are struggling hard to hold ground. We believe it’s majorly our ‘green-conscious’ ethos that has contributed to the popularity and growth of BuildToBlossom to a great extent. We (I and my  fiancé Samantha) were determined to turn our dreams to reality even when things seemed impossible and we are happy the way things have turned out to be ”, stated the award-winning influencer and content creator. 

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Speaking on, Jules stressed on the fact that although people are becoming gradually aware of the ongoing environmental damage and the burning need for a sustainable lifestyle yet they can’t always adopt a ‘green’ lifestyle given the lack of adequate eco-friendly alternatives. BuildToBlossom, with its completely 100% eco-friendly everyday offerings, aims to bridge that gap and empower consumers to adopt a sustainable lifestyle conveniently to protect the planet.  

“At BuildToBlossom, we are driven by the philosophy that we can ‘BUILD’ a better future- a safe tomorrow for both the planet and us that will ‘BLOSSOM’ bright through sustainable changes to everyday products. Thus, the name- ‘BuildToBlossom’.”

BuildToBlossom is bustling with a vast and versatile range of products to choose from. From body care products to home improvement products to rugs and mats to kitchen accessories to hair care products, to makeup, to tech accessories, the store has covered all. The products offered by the marketplace are completely eco-friendly, devoid of harsh chemicals, and are made from organic materials only. Most of them are zero-waste products to reduce landfill waste. Also, the store especially stocks easily recyclable goodies that can be used multiple times to prevent the alarming amount of waste caused by single-use products. BuildToBlossom also offers reusable menstrual pads.

“Regular beauty and health products are usually designed for disposal which play a great role in increasing unwanted landfill waste and eventually harming the planet. But, our green-conscious products are carefully crafted with natural materials and ingredients so that no harm is caused to the environment – that too without compromising on your lovely style quotient. Our beauty and health products can be composted or recycled till the end of life.” 

As a versatile marketplace, BuildToBlossom also features a specific category for clothing and accessories. All the apparel and other accessories offered by the store are strictly made from organic cotton or other eco-friendly fabrics. From t-shirts, to shawls to bottoms, the store features all these and more. The clothes offered by the store are usually recyclable to reduce waste and strain on the planet.  

Interestingly, BuildToBlossom not just advocates for “eco-friendly” products but also “cruelty-free” products. Thus, the site features a separate subsection for Vegan accessories such as backpack, makeup bag, bucket bag, and so on. All these products are strictly made from Vegan leather. The company also offers chemical-free Vegan nail stickers for cruelty-free style.  

“Fashion industry is the second most polluting industry on earth. It’s about time that we shift to eco-friendly fashion alternatives to prevent further damage on the planet. We have got a huge collection of eco-friendly and recyclable clothing and accessories here that will help you to switch to green-conscious fashion easily and prevent environmental damage big time.”

“All our clothing and accessories boast fashion-forward designs and trendy textures- you don’t have to compromise on the style quotient for making sustainable choices.” 

Interestingly, BuildToBlossom has not only got offerings for adults but for kids too. From sustainable kid clothing to sustainable toys- the store has got many options to introduce kids to a sustainable lifestyle. 

“The future of the planet rests in the hands of little ones. Standing in these dire times, we need to teach our kids the value of an eco-friendly lifestyle from an early age so that they can grow up into compassionate green-conscious individuals and take proactive steps to ensure protection of the planet. Our sustainable kid products will go a long way in helping parents to enlighten the munchkins about the eco-friendly choices”, explained Jules. 

Additionally, BuildToBlossom has also got a wide variety of eco-friendly pet products, such as eco-friendly pet toys, furniture, accessories, clothing, and more.  

Besides, with the holiday season just around the corner, the new popular online store has come up with a diverse collection of cool eco-friendly Christmas gifts and decoration accessories. 

“BuildToBlossom aims to be your one-stop partner for every step of eco-friendly living. Whether you wish to buy a new t-shirt or have plans to try a new hair care product or need to shop for your little one or furry friend or you need a nice gift for your bestie this Christmas- we will help you to make sustainable and environment-friendly choices at each step.”

About Jules Rodriguez 

One of the most renowned names in the influencer world, Jules Rodriguez commands a magnum following of 150k followers on Instagram. As a top influencer/content creator, she has worked with several leading brands, such as Evian water, Oxyfresh, Presidente Beer, Lushzies, Novica, and many more. Jules has won the prestigious Advertising Omma Award with her team for Chico’s Retail store for her breakthrough initiative to change the outdated campaign slogan “I am a chicos girl” into something that modern women can relate to, “HOW BOLD ARE YOU”. A firm believer in sustainable lifestyle, Jules launched her 100% eco-friendly online marketplace, BuildToBlossom, with her fiancé Samantha Raymer, during the pandemic to inspire people to adopt green-conscious choices. 

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