Overlanding Helped Families Get Closer During the Pandemic

September 25 03:02 2021

For over a year, people have been affected greatly by this Covid-19 pandemic. The whole country is still under strict border control and preventive measures are still in place to stop the fast rate of spread of the virus. But at some point, people have to keep going with their lives.

A recent study from U.S. News suggests that right now, people are planning to have a vacation in the following months. 58% of U.S. adults are now comfortable traveling again spending time with nature rather than going to malls or restaurants. But still, with the international travel restrictions set by the government, people can only travel by land and places reachable by their off-road rides.

Key Pointers:

● The pandemic has affected everyone and disrupted their plans for the future for the first few months of the pandemic, especially ticking off bucket lists of destinations.

● Overlanding and road trips have gained attention as an alternative for the usual leisure travel, this is a much safer, less risky travel activity that can be done with one’s family or set of friends.

● Truck sales market share has significantly increased to 69% due to the growing desire of people to travel acknowledging them as an alternative for international flights and long travels. According to sema.org, the popularity of trucks, pickups, and SUVs has greatly increased.

● Avoiding the spread of the virus is the primary concern during traveling. How to achieve this? Travel with a close circle of friends, or with family and keep the number of people low, to minimize the risks of getting infected.

● With businesses that have physical stores closing permanently, people nowadays opt to choose e-commerce and online ordering, on sites like Off Road Tents rather than going outside and catch the deadly virus.

A Person Doesn’t Need to Give Up on Their Travel Plans!

The pandemic and traveling is not a good idea together, admit it. However, for those people that are so into outdoor adventures, covid-19 is just another challenge accepted.

According to AP News, 2021 is the year of the ROAD TRIP. This year, people have been planning and planning for outdoor camping or trip to the beach, to feed their lust for traveling. The most prescribed and safest way of doing it? Overlanding or Car Camping.

Overlanding is a newfound travel term that refers to the extreme usage of peoples rig, to go to places for camping and relaxation, or simpler terms, car camping. With this private traveling on wheels, a person can avoid the risk of getting the infectious virus while enjoying the passion for travel.

I had the chance to talk with Karsten Koberg, one of the co-founders of Off Road Tents an e-commerce business providing overlanding gear and equipment, he said “Since the pandemic has made air travel very difficult for a long time, people have resorted to more local travel and in their own social bubble. Fortunately, car camping promotes social distancing because it’s usually done only with family or close friends and in small groups.

With this being said, people can still continue to go to an overlooking spot, a mountain with an awesome view, and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature or somewhere near a lake or falls that gives that natural vibes. One can invite their closest circle of friends, or bring in their family with them and sail off to a safe and wonderful adventure!

Bridging Generation Gaps and Strengthening Family Bonds

One cannot just let anyone join them now during their trip. This filters their choice to their trusted friends or family. With these options, being with their family is the better choice because overlanding is just like staying at home together, only outside the open enjoying different activities.

“The pandemic has definitely changed everyone’s lives but for example, something positive in my opinion is that it has made us reconnect with the people love and care most about. It has also made it easier to spend more time with our families which is also positive.” Karsten added when I asked him about the positive effect of the pandemic despite the chaos it has brought.

And indeed, with what’s happening around the world, it’s better to spend the outdoor escape with the people one loves. People should spend some time camping and bonding with their parents over a hot and delicious barbecue and cold beer, or run like kids on the open fields with their siblings or children. There are so many activities to do together and don’t let the pandemic slow down fun.

The Shift in Doing Business: The E-Commerce Preference

With the suppressed flow of people because of the risks of acquiring covid-19, going to the supermarket for your essentials has not been a good option lately. Customers now prefer the online way of ordering products, especially today with the help of the present technology, with one click, what people need will be delivered to their doorstep. In a survey made by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference in Trade and Development), there has been a significant increase in e-commerce’s global trade share from 14% in the year 2019 to 17% for the year 2020

As a matter of fact, Off Road Tents has seen an increase in the demand for overlanding gear and equipment to this date. With a whooping 48% increase in consumer traffic, this proves that the trend right now is going digital and being technologically advanced.

Off Road Tents is a leading e-commerce shop that supplies people with their overlanding needs. They have been around the industry for over 5 years now and have established their name as one of the trusted and “go-to” suppliers for camping and traveling requirements.

After asking Karsten where’s a good start to go to camping with family he answered cheerfully and created this list of must-haves for car camping:

According to him the essentials that are needed to go on an overlanding road trip are:

• A good quality roof top tent, hopefully with an annex room. The tent could be hard shell rooftop tent or a softshell, it doesn’t matter but just one that will stand the elements in nature, and will fit all the companions comfortably.

• A reliable roof rack system that will safely carry the roof top tent. This is VERY important because one wouldn’t want to have an accident because the roof rack or something attached to it flew off while driving.

• An awning that will create a space with shade in the sun or a dry space in the rain.

• A fridge freezer to keep the food fresh and beverage cold.

• And finally, comfy camping chairs and at least a camping table to prepare meals.

We Keep Going

The overlanding industry has helped families and communities come together and keep going despite the hurdles, and it seems to have a very bright future. As said by Koberg: “We don’t easily quit. That is what we do, regardless of all the negativity this pandemic has brought to us. We stand and continue with our lives, and that is how resiliency keeps us going. Even though we are hurdled with too many problems, we will still find a way to get through it. And while at it, we spend time with the people we love, our friends, our family, and our support systems. We hop into an adventure that we will surely cherish.”

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