Tapping Into Her Own Life Story with Radiant Hip Hop Tunes: US-based Rapper Onlii Debuts New Single “Chouzen”

September 25 00:51 2021
Tapping Into Her Own Life Story with Radiant Hip Hop Tunes: US-based Rapper Onlii Debuts New Single "Chouzen"
Channeling confidence and integrity, Hip Hop’s first blind female artist Onlii pushes the envelope, with a unique new spirit and unapologetic songwriting.

A powerhouse of talent, Onlii finds her artistic grounding in expressing her experiences as a blind artist in an impactful and empowering manner. The dynamic artist combines raspy melodies with messages of hope, audaciousness, and determination to connect with younger audiences.

The Jacksonville-based artist’s newest song release, “Chouzen” revolves around reviving the will to hustle and make it big in a world of trials and tribulations.

Amalgamating Hip Hop with gut-wrenching vulnerabilities, the single’s musical aura delves into the richness of autobiographical songwriting to complement its dynamic melodic structure. Her approach and creativity manifest in prioritizing authenticity in the world of mainstream Pop artists.

In the streaming era, succeeding is synonymous with originality. The vision to move listeners and tell stories untold is precisely why Onlii will be able to break through the ceiling of monopolized hip-hop music spaces. “Chouzen” forms just one chapter of all that the seasoned artist has to offer to the world.

“I know that music is art, so I like to try to paint a picture with my lyrics whether it’s telling a story or giving you life experiences,” says Onlii regarding her latest release.

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A rising voice in the world of Hip Hop, Onlii is nothing short of an artist beaming with independence, vigor, and unbridled passion. Born and bred in Jacksonville, the empowering artist intends to reach younger audiences with her raw, mature, and raspy tones and rhythms. Spearing her presence into pop culture with her truth driven songwriting, the artist blends inspirations from current pop giants like Beyonce, Drake, honing her own skills and sensibilities in the process.

Onlii hopes to future into her artistic vision, reaching more expansive audiences, with each new release. The artist’s unique production, breathtaking voice and layered songs strive to capture listeners into a hip-hop experience like none before.


YouTube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCY8lV_5FhUzUnGW06AOF-lA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OnlyOnli/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/IamOnlii/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7klGZB3PGjzj5OW7FdSHFm
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7klGZB3PGjzj5OW7FdSHFm?si=xKr2FtluR8C4IHqcG2fuSQ&dl_branch=1

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