Goliad Technologies to Maximize Free Speech on the Internet, Announces Plans to Build a Cloud-based Infrastructure in Pittsburgh

August 04 14:18 2021
Censorship is the bane of a free society, and Totalitarian Big Tech companies are undermining free speech with algorithms that censor and makes free speech on the internet a superficial idea

There has been a lot of clamoring for free speech as big tech companies have proven in recent times to be as big as they claim with the installation of algorithms that censor the posts and comments of users on their platforms. More than ever, there is a need to build open-source and decentralized platforms transparent to the public.

On this note, Goliad Technologies, a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity organization based in Pittsburgh, PA, has announced plans to a cloud-based infrastructure in its host community as part of the company’s mission to maximize free speech on the internet. The organization aims to raise $500,000 to build out the first phase of cloud infrastructure, which it believes would serve as its data center in the future.

Executive Director of Goliad Technologies, Sam Calkin, clarifies that the company is wasting no time as it is taking the first step in the fight against big tech and censorship. Goliad Technologies will first target charities, civil rights groups, education institutions’ technology needs and work its way up to those with more technical requirements.

“This project will create jobs in Pittsburgh, PA, and provide necessary services to non-profits, charities, civil rights groups, and lovers of Free Speech,” said Sam Calkin. “The objective of the organization is to maximize free speech on the internet, and we will fight battles in court to protect that,” he added.

To raise the $500,000 needed for the cloud-based infrastructure Goliad Technologies plans to set up, it has launched a GoFundMe campaign at https://gofund.me/a7eb60a1 and has adopted grants as an alternative source of funds.

Goliad Technologies operates differently from most cloud providers. The organization’s systems are built on strong contracts with clients whether they benefit from Goliad’s charity programs for free or paying customers; all customers will have a paper contract printed in plain English signed and sealed or notarized by Goliad Technologies. Certain websites like Parler and Gab would have benefited from such agreements, and the organization believes that people with legitimate controversial views can benefit from its initiative.

Having been blocked out by big tech platforms, former President of the United States, Donald Trump, and Mike Lindell decided to build their own cloud platforms, but they simply became blogs. Goliad Technologies being a civil right and educational charity, hopes to fill the voids left by traditional providers and be the platform that truly allows free speech, so much so that it will indemnify through tax-deductible donations from clients for the content on their website. In addition, the organization will also support the LGBTQ+ community, Persons of Color, black-owned businesses, and other marginalized groups who have historically been silenced.

To support Goliad Technologies, visit the GoFundMe page at https://gofund.me/a7eb60a1 or send an email to [email protected].

About Goliad Technologies

Goliad Technologies is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charity organization based in Pittsburgh, PA. Goliad Technologies provides free software, services, support, infrastructure, and platforms. It targets religious organizations, schools, other charities, and the community at large to better society. In addition, the organization also performs independent research in technology, censorship, cloud technologies, and software from a high level.

For more information on Goliad Technologies, please visit www.goliadtech.org/about.

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