CEO David Morgan Launches Community Network ‘June1Billion’

March 09 04:13 2021
June1Billion aims to fight against the menace of black-on-black violence in African American communities.

United States – “Black on Black Crime” is a catchphrase some accept conservatives use to deviate from police brutality and unjustifiably perpetuates racism, in any event, when it’s utilized by Black individuals.

In spite of the fact that the thought of crime against the black community has ignited dialogues demanding change, public narratives frequently neglect to highlight the disproportionate rates of victimization caused by black-on-black crimes. Violence and the disproportionate rate of victimization in the Black community is undoubtedly the result of structural racism, but there is one more major cause of it: lack of leadership in the black community.

As per the Bureau of Justice Statistics, most heinous crimes occur within a similar race. A 2018 public study discovered offenders were of a similar race as the victim 70% of the time for Blacks. David Morgan, the Founder of the up-and-coming network for the community of color, June1Billion, believes that the community does not have a role model to look up to, which leads to going astray and eventually indulging in black-on-black crime. “The community of color lacks uniting force, a force that binds people of color together, and this leads to cultivating hatred for one another within the community.”

The author of the book ‘The Eyes of June,’ published in 2008, Morgan, is a community leader who strives to improve the circumstance of the colored community with all the endeavors.

The June1Billion Network by David Morgan is funded by the sales of merchandise available on its official website. The merchandise includes a range of collections for all men, women, and kids. From shoes to handbags, watches to t-shirts and dresses, the online store has exuberant designs that leave the jaws drop in awe. David Morgan shares that the vision behind June1Billion is purely the empowerment of a community of color. Simultaneously, the June1Billion YouTube channel will be striving to create awareness about the issues, motivating others to unite for the cause.

With June1Billion, I whole-heartedly desire to bring the black families together and promoting a sense of belonging among families to create a united community. After all, if our community is not united, then no way can we progress and prosper,” says Morgan.

With a heart of gold and soul filled with empathy to the brim, David Morgan considers it a responsibility to contribute to making the world a better place to live for others. As one certified Life Coach, the Ordained Minister David Morgan works to bring the power of positivity in this world. Morgan is also the founder of Black Own Television Network and The Black Men’s Leadership Program. David Morgan is also running for Public Office in 2021; truly, the world needs a leader like Morgan.

About June1Billion

Founded in 2020, June1Billion is an advocacy campaign by Ordained Minister David Morgan. The campaign incorporates a fashion line for women, men, and children, to raise capital to empower African American communities. 

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