ModsHost Launches with Hundreds of New Mods for Dozens of Popular Games

January 20 17:06 2021
ModsHost Launches with Hundreds of New Mods for Dozens of Popular Games
Just about all Mods for Games can now be found and downloaded from a unified location, i.e., ModsHost new website. The website is dedicated to all things mod related, with many of the downloads being free.

Fans of popular games have been developing game mods on their own time for years. That’s why some of the most popular games have hundreds of mods, with less popular ones having perhaps a few dozen. Many of the mods for PC games are community-driven, often developed by one or two people, but which enhance the game’s functionality in one way or the other. ModsHost promises to be that one place people can go to find mods for their favorite games. The company is also gearing up to become the one place where mod developers can upload to share mods with like-minded gamers. 

Many mod developers put in several hours to develop mods that enhance a specific aspect of the game for them. Mods for games like ETS 2, for instance, help to boost graphics, change the weather, add new trucks, and various other add-ons. Less complex mods for games will work more like cheats, a common one being the inability to die in the game, unlimited ammo or weapon enhancements. However, locating the mods can be challenging for gamers who often frequent forums and Reddit amongst various other websites to find what they are looking for, which can be tough. 

It is equally challenging for mod developers to get the recognition they deserve for all that hard work. ModsHost promises to be a hub for all types of game mods. Developers can upload mods, and gamers can browse through a list of available mods, most of which are free! 

Readers can find out more about ModsHost and browse through available mods at

“Finding mods for games can be challenging. We know this from personal experience. That’s why we created ModsHost; it aspires to be the one place from where people can browse and download the mods they want. Most of all, the one place where developers can upload their mods to share with the community.” Said a spokesperson for ModsHost. 

He added, “We are big fans of mods and are a major part of the modding community. That’s why we are proud of the platform we’ve built and invite mod developers to upload their creations via our platform. We are going to become one of the most prominent platforms for mods in the community because we make it very easy for modders to share their work with the world.”

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ModsHost is a website that’s dedicated to hosting mods. The platform uses a global content delivery network to ensure that users get excellent download speeds for the latest mods. Gamers can search for a mod or choose from those available for some of the most popular games.

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