The Chainless Life – The First Step to Freedom

November 27 10:33 2020
The Chainless Life is Mischa Janiec’s guide to a self-determined life that is free from the limitations of life.

Obarrio, Panama City – Mischa Janiec grew up in a small town and did not have everything working for him for the longest time, he worked in a call center which was anything but desirable as every day passed by. After living through this for 10 years, Mischa Janiec finally decided that he wanted to do something to change it. Hence, the idea to break free of chains and live a ChainlessLIFE of freedom.

Mischa Janiec had to teach himself everything from developing himself to becoming an absolute professional. He dedicated his strength to sports and became a professional natural bodybuilder. Through this, he learned that the right mindset and the necessary discipline can enable people to do the impossible. He documented the knowledge that he gained on YouTube so that his followers could learn from his mistakes. In 2016, he was invited as a Ted Talk speaker and achieved over 2 million views on YouTube with this talk. He also got in touch with James Cameron and became part of the Netflix documentary the game changers starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lewis Hamilton, among others.

With the help of his determination and mantras, he achieved everything that he felt was impossible to do 10 years ago. Other than being an influencer with several 100,000 followers, he is now able to travel the globe with his girlfriend since 2016 and has authored his book ‘The Chainless Life’. Now, Mischa Janiec wants to share his vision and his knowledge with the rest of the world through his mentoring program ChainlessMENTORING, which is an extensive community of experts working hard to bring enormous change to those looking for their freedom.

Now with the help of Mischa, people can take the first step towards freedom with chainless mentoring. Here they can learn the crucial steps to find their personal destiny and finally break their chains. With more than 250 successful participants already, people can learn the courage to finally be the person they always wanted to be. This 8-week training program includes psychologically sound video training with zero to success concept, virtual coaching, and guaranteed change that acts as an opportunity for people to take their life into their own hands. Other than this, it also includes Live Coaching and an exclusive coaching group on Facebook.

In the words of Mischa Janiec himself, he says “let’s work out together how with my breakthrough strategy you can break out of mediocrity within the next 8 weeks and finally follow your true destiny.” More than 250 people have already decided on the common path and now live a self-determined an independent chainless life. they all got the necessary clarity and have not only found their vibe but have also become an inspiration for their fellow human beings. As a vision for 2022, Mischa Janiec wants to support 100,000 people to take the first step towards freedom.

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