Google Advertisers counting losses worth thousands annually, ShoppingIQ urges for transparency from Google Shopping Ads

November 18 13:42 2020
ShoppingIQ voices concerns for advertisers facing huge losses on online PPC campaigns especially due to lack of transparency from Google Shopping Ads.

London, England – November 18, 2020 – Not everything seems to be as transparent as it should be on the online shopping advertisement scene of late. ShoppjngIQ spend analysis reveals advertisers are experiencing losses worth thousands of pounds annually on PPC campaigns published on Google Shopping Ads. In that light, leading UK-based ad tech firm ShoppingIQ has urged Google to increase transparency of the operation of Google Shopping Ads so that advertisers can have a better idea on their ad campaign spends. 

ShoppingIQ has in response come up with an award-winning technology that will enable advertisers and retailers to keep check on these losses and enhance the ROI through real-time product feed optimization. 

“Google Shopping Ads extends a great platform for retailers to connect their products with online users on Google through Pay Per Click campaigns. In fact, it is the lifeline for many businesses. However, we have observed a glitch here. Based on thorough market research, we have discovered that a lot of advertisers are forced to waste thousands of pounds annually on ad campaigns on Google Shopping Ads. The problem is Google is not very transparent about its activities with the shopping ads and as Google is at the helm of the complete control here- advertisers have no idea about those typical antics of Google that are forcing them to waste money and lose out on ROI”, stated Alam Hosseinbor, Head of Performance at ShoppingIQ. 

Per the statements of Mr. Hosseinbor, Google takes as long as 24 hours to remove live ads on products which go out of stock. This way, every time someone clicks on those live ads, the advertiser is compelled to pay to the shopping channel yet without any chance of conversion since the product is unavailable in the inventory. 

“Advertisers have long been kept in the dark which has led to severe monetary losses for many businesses, especially the small businesses. It’s about time Google Shopping Ads reveal their policies so that online retailers can get a clear idea on the major factors that are draining off their ad budget and impacting their ROI big time.” 

Speaking on, Mr. Hosseinbor mentioned about their real-time technology that can fix these issues plaguing advertisers and online retailers for long. The FIRST of its kind, ShoppingIQ’s new technology is the only real-time live product feed optimizer in the world and is geared to help online retailers and advertisers get the maximum value out of their shopping campaigns online. 

“Our award-winning real-time feed optimization technology enables us to immediately remove live ads on products that go out-of-stock so that you don’t have to waste money on clicks that have no scope of conversion. The other thing is, our innovative technology will instantly update the prices on your product feed whenever you announce a sale or deal. This way, you will be able to attract more potential bids to your ad campaign when you are offering discounted prices – right from the moment you drop your price. No more delays!”

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