“Cat Colonies” Highlight the Plight of NYC Cat Colonies and Efforts of Samaritans to Rescue Them

October 31 18:33 2020
"Cat Colonies" Highlight the Plight of NYC Cat Colonies and Efforts of Samaritans to Rescue Them

Cat Colonies NYC, an upcoming documentary series, is set to uncoverthe life of feral cats living in colonies in New York City as well as the humans who care for them. 

The documentary series will follow along with two NYC-based animal rescue groups in their efforts to rescue, protect and enhance the lives of these cats. 

It is believed that there are over 500,000 feral street cats in NYC and the city is unable or unwilling to fund rescue efforts. The documentary series would focus on the efforts involved in rescuing the cats and raise awareness about the lives of feral cats and their colonies. 

Cat Rescue and TNR (trap, neuter, return) is financially draining as many of the cats are diagnosed with medical conditions or diseases. With no financial support from the city, the rescue groups often rely on private funds and donations. 

The essential focus of the docuseries is to highlight the efforts of rescue groups and of the lives of the cats that rely on their efforts for survival. 

A fundraising program in Kickstarter has also been launched to support the project.

For more information, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/catcoloniesnyc/cat-colonies-nyc?ref=user_menu

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