MyMediTravel Promotes Medical Tourism In More Than 70 Countries & Is The World’s Largest Medical Referrals Marketplace

October 28 15:00 2020
MyMediTravel Promotes Medical Tourism In More Than 70 Countries & Is The World’s Largest Medical Referrals Marketplace
MyMediTravel is the world’s largest medical referral marketplace that enables patients to book their medicals in any part of the world, free of cost. This marketplace connects patients with qualified medical service providers for cardiology, plastic surgery, dental care, hair transplants, dermatology, etc.

According to announcements released by MyMediTravel, it is the world’s largest medical referrals marketplace where patients can get in touch with medical facilities from all over the world and avail the best possible treatment at affordable rates. Patients can compare clinics, hospitals, and doctors worldwide and narrow down their choice to medical facilities that impress them the most. Patients can talk to experienced and qualified doctors to get a clearer picture of what to expect.

The most searched procedures on MyMediTravel include rhinoplasty, liposuction, gastric sleeve, hair transplant, and breast augmentation. Popular medical tourism destinations that attract traffic from this website include Thailand, South Korea, Mexico, Turkey, Malaysia, Philippines, and South Africa. 

MyMediTravel is among the most reliable online promoters of medical tourism. Patients are not charged a fee. Instead, they can save because of the competitive rates that medical facilities quote. MyMediTravel does its best to obtain discounts, which it passes on to the patients. Procedures available through this website are priced within a range, so patients can get a fair idea of what to expect. Opting for treatment abroad makes excellent financial sense because of the lower costs of living and lower overheads that hospitals incur. World-class treatments at affordable rates are now accessible to all through MyMediTravel. Moreover, patients can track progress management, schedule appointments, and book instantly. Refunds are processed smoothly in case a patient changes his or her mind. 

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My MediTravel said, “Through the consolidation of the ever-expanding global medical marketplace, we’re making it easier for our patients to find what they’re looking for. Then, once you’ve found a medical provider that appeals to you, contacting them and discussing your requirements couldn’t be easier with direct messaging, email, video chat, and even SMS. There is no more searching multiple websites for contact numbers or email addresses and waiting for a response from each one. This is all done through one inquiry submission on MyMediTravel. After you’ve spoken to everyone you need to, just book your procedure or treatment directly with us to lock in your guaranteed best price.

“We partner with the best medical providers in every region we operate – with the widest selection of JCI-accredited facilities available on any medical site. You can trust us with all your personal details and be confident that only the medical providers you want will have access.”

On its policy of transparent dealing, My MediTravel said, “We know how difficult and frustrating it can be just to find clear and accurate procedure pricing online, which is why we strive to display a procedure price range from all our providers. This is an ongoing task with our existing medical providers, but we’re getting there, and soon you’ll see prices for everything on MyMediTravel. All our providers offer free quotations, so just hit the enquire button and they’ll be in touch with you right away.”

About the Company:

My MediTravel is a Singapore-based medical referral company with the most comprehensive database of global medical service providers. Patients can expect world-class treatment, priority service, and impressive savings when availing of medical procedures through My MediTravel. The company’s mission is to provide patients with a single platform for all medical requirements, from searching, comparing, and discussing booking and reviewing.

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