The Main Benefits of an SEO Audit According to

October 13 22:24 2020
The Main Benefits of an SEO Audit According to

After checking a website’s performance on Google analytics and discovering the organic traffic is down or flat, what’s the next move? What about if the movement of leads generated by the business’s website is down, too? While most people know that SEO can improve their online presence in SERPs, they may wonder what SEO tactics they should use.

Before jumping into new strategies and methods that will be mostly ineffective, it is time to complete an SEO audit. While there are plenty of articles, such as 4 Ways SEO Will Help Your Business Stay Afloat During the Pandemic, that offer helpful information, it is important to know what the specific issues are. The SEO audit is designed to evaluate the website’s search engine friendliness. It provides a view of how well the website is doing, according to Google.

According to, once the audit is complete, the website owner will be better positioned to create a clear plan about how to move forward. Keep reading to learn more about what the top benefits of performing an SEO audit are here.

Improve the Performance of the Site

Google loves a healthy website. A key factor they consider when it comes to site rankings is how the site is performing. By conducting an SEO audit, a website owner will find any issues with the site, such as problems with the sitemaps or a lower-than-normal speed. It may also show any security issues with the website. Remember, even the best site will have problems, so it is best to begin the audit sooner rather than later.

Some of the problems can be fixed right away, but others will require more time and effort. Once changes are made, the results will not be immediate. Sometimes, it can take weeks for Google to recognize what has been done.

Avoid Using Outdated SEO Practices

SEO is an industry that is always evolving. Several years ago, a common practice was to purchase links that go directly to the page. Today, even though link building is a crucial feature of an SEO strategy, these types of toxic links may be devastating to the search engine rankings. With an SEO audit, it is possible to find these outdated issues and, when they are removed, improve the site’s SEO.

Determine the Keywords the Site Ranks For

Some people are surprised when they discover what keywords they are actually ranking for. With an SEO audit, it is possible to know what the site’s organic presence in search engines looks like. Once the site owner knows what it ranks for (or what it does not rank for), they can begin optimizing the content based on this information.

Even if the very best content on a topic is written, if the site has not been optimized the right way, for the right keywords, the target customer will never find it.

Achieving the Desired Results

While an SEO audit provides a lot of information, this information must be used to improve the site to see any improvements. If help with this is needed, reach out to the professionals at Victorious. They can see the right steps are taken to help ensure a site performs well.

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