Top Window Cleaners Reveal Why Window Cleaning In Albuquerque Is So Important

September 13 05:24 2019
There are few places in the U.S. with views more breathtaking than the Southwest. New Mexico in particular is rife with some of the best sights in the country. The state is also full of outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and hiking.

A metropolitan city like Albuquerque means a few things in addition to the views. It provides access to plenty of big city amenities but maintains a small town appeal. Albuquerque is hugged by the Sandia mountains while the Rio Grande flows through the city itself. Sandia Crest is the high point of the mountains east of the city.

Living in the area means homes with large, open windows to enjoy the views. These large windows require a window cleaning service in Albuquerque, NM. Kareem Fakhoury owns one of the best window cleaning services in the city.

“We have lots of people moving into the area who are coming for the views and the climate. They are coming from areas of the U.S. wh